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Initial Consultation

Everyone starts here. This is a chance for me to better understand your health concerns and goals. This session includes an HTMA test ($250 value), 75 minute in depth assessment of the NAQ, and 4 day food and mood journal. You will also get a plan of action to help you move forward.  This appointment is a jumpstart to us working together, and is not a single session offering but secures a 1:1 spot with me for the 3 month package.


Single HTMA 

HTMA is a functional test that provides insight into thyroid & adrenal health, metabolic type, state of stress of the body, toxic exposure and more. 

What’s included?

  • Cost of HTMA Test
  • Initial Health Intake Form
  • 4 Day Food & Mood Journal Analysis
  • 60 minute call to discuss results, answer questions you may have and provide a bio individual protocol based on the results. 
  • 10% off professional grade supplements (if needed)

                                        $ 250


Comprehensive Program

This program allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. 

3 Month Package


  • HTMA Functional Test & Analysis
  • (1) 30-min check-in call (every two weeks – 6 total) that includes personalized protocol updates, adjusted dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • NAQ assessment 
  • PDF resources to provide education 
  • 15% off professional grade supplements (if needed- at an additional cost)
  • Email support in between calls
  • A final Food & Mood Journal to assess changes, improvements and progress over the past three months
  • Follow up months are available for an additional cost  (275 per month)

Other functional tests that can be added-on for an additional cost to support your journey:

  • Function Blood Work
  • DUTCH test
  • Gi-Map stool test (coming soon)



$987  (or 350 per month)

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